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Covid – How to reflect, manage & guide yourself

April 2020

Our Angel helping to rid us of Covid

Many of us now find ourselves in forced isolation. The state of being separated to many of us rouses a sense of fear allowing anxiety to creep in, steering us off our path because we have so much time to think, perhaps overthink, during our separation from loved ones.

Why not use this time to energise our spiritual and physical well-being with positive thoughts and feelings? Give yourself the time to mediate and reconnect with your inner-self. Give yourself the positive energy to heal. Give to you to steer yourself on the path to greater awareness. Let’s use our time of isolation to focus on positive energy; a time of quiet mind, a time to connect more with your Angel or God. A simple pleasure – sitting in the glorious sunshine, absorbing the sunlight to boost your immune system and encourage healing.

We are creatures of emotion and feeling and being separated from family and friends is hard. But don’t lose sight of what we are achieving during our period of separation from our loved ones: we are protecting our vulnerable and keeping them safe. We can take comfort from knowing we are shielding those that need protected.

We have all seen the wonderful images on social media showing us the benefits Earth is experiencing because humans are staying in ‘lockdown’. The air is cleaner, the water is clearer, and wildlife are taking back their habitats – from the goats in Wales to the deer in Japan. There is less noise pollution from air traffic, and public and private transport. We are hearing nature come alive once more. It is a period of rebirth not just for Earth but for us too.

We too can learn from nature – we have been given our own space during this isolation period, use it to take back what has been missing from your life. Feel your inner-enlightenment, feel empowered – use your knowledge, wisdom and strength to grow abundant positivity. Use your meditation and yoga practices to deepen your connection with your Angel or God.

It is a time to cleanse. Just as Earth is detoxing let us use this time to self-cleanse by erasing negativity from your thoughts and feelings. Speak to your Angel or God and ask them for guidance and thank them for their love. Feel the love and harness its power – it’s a time to recharge and reconnect.

This beautiful planet needs to be nurtured and loved as we do.

Love our planet and all it’s beauty
Paramahansa Yogananda