House Cleansing Your Own Home

Spring – sees it bringing in an abundance of all the beautiful spring flowers, a season I love. Mother Nature at her best. It’s a time of rebirth and regrowth. This is a perfect time to cleanse and re-charge your home of negative energy and debris built up over time. You will find after cleansing your home that it will be lifted and brightened, it will even feel lighter. It needn’t necessarily be the spring months as you can cleanse your home anytime you feel your home could benefit from cleansing. Can I suggest before you start cleansing your home, you declutter it of all useless articles and artifacts in your house, this acts like a primer, and it will help to reinforce and lighten the vibrations in your home.

The energy build up can happen over time, negative emotions, and different stresses that happen to us all in our daily lives. This negative energy will build up, absorbing itself in the walls, the furniture, ceilings and floors. If there’s been an emotional time, a lot of sadness and unhappiness, this is the time to transform your home into good energy.

It’s also an ideal time to cleanse when you move into a new house, after an illness, or with someone passing over (always such a sad time). It’s wonderful for anytime you have a new project or are starting a new beginning. It’s such an easy task to do, it will refresh you and I believe awaken you at the same time, so enjoy this cleansing, as it will brighten your life and your home.

Burn sandalwood incense, that’s all I use – I truly love it! It’s always used in Indian temples and such a delightful and up lifting smell. Go to each corner of your rooms and from the top to the bottom gently wave your incense in a clockwise rotation bringing in love and light. Can I suggest you always sit quietly before your cleanse. Find your quiet mind – the quiet mind is a receptive mind, quietly put your thoughts to the light, to your God, or angel, whatever you are personally comfortable with. Create strong thoughts of love and happiness, this will bring strong healthy positive energy.

Always remember to say “thank you” and acknowledge the complete dispersing of the negative energies. Light a candle and say out loud, I bring the love, the light, happiness, and abundance of all good things. Say this from your heart, I believe it should be soul felt, and prayer so powerful.

TRY IT, it works, you have nothing to lose.

On another note be careful of the incense as it can fall on to the floor and can dirty your flooring and carpets.

The sandalwood incense is a beautiful aroma. It can be bought online or in any good spiritual shop.

Enjoy your home cleansing, as I know you will feel the benefits straight away.

Stay blessed today