Accurate, healing and self-belief – July 2020

I first met Tricia through a friend who had been seeing Tricia for over 20 years , and had found that as her life unravelled, Tricias clairvoyant capabilities were  very accurate.

I was introduced to Tricia over 3 years ago, and I have had regular readings, healing sessions, and workshops. All of which have been respectively very accurate to date, therapeutic and enlightening.

Tricia has been a good friend in the 3 years I have known her. She prayed and did meditations when my father was very ill in critical care, and taught me to believe in my own healing powers and the strength of my own prayers, and the necessity to thank the universe for all life’s gifts.

Tricia has started me on a spiritual journey which can only add to your life.

Thank you Tricia.

Sheila, London

Accurate, healing and self-belief - July 2020