Brenda Blown away

I have been having readings with Trisha now for 15 years, at the very first meeting all those years ago, Trisha blow me away with her accuracy! Knowing nothing about me except my Christian name, the facts about my life, many of which no-one would ever had known, came up, and the future events all came to pass with complete accuracy. I have to say that I can’t always see these things ever happening but they do! I really didn’t believe I would re- marry , and especially didn’t believe I would be lucky enough to meet someone who would take me to London and have my engagement and wedding rings made just for me………but all of this Trish told me would happen and it did. When I played my tape of 2 years previous to my new husband, he was blown away too, as I had not mentioned a word of this to him before. In the following years Trisha has always astounded me. I have visited her in good times and bad times over the years and Trish has always inspired me and without exception her predictions have unfolded. She is truly amazing and I would never put my trust and believe in another. Several of my friends also have readings with Trisha now and like myself are blown away by her accuracy. She is a wonderful person who puts you at your ease and can really help you through difficult times as well as good times. A true inspiration , and in the words of Trisha herself, “Love and Rainbows”

Brenda Blown awayBrenda