FaceTime Reading – Comfort, guidance & trust – Nov 2020

Never in modern times has society felt more disconnected – and I for one have been no exception.
I heard about Tricia through a very dear friend, who had found great comfort and inspiration from her readings.  Realising I was at a cross roads and my own life, and unusually for me feeling insecure about my own intuition, I decided it was time to seek guidance.
Due to social distancing restrictions – Thankfully, Tricia was able to see me over FaceTime.
I had wondered how this would impact the intimacy of my reading, and the information that she would be able to attain.
Tricia made me feel comfortable from the moment she was on FaceTime.  She quickly tuned into my personality, challenges – both past and present… and provided me with such insight, inspiration and hope.
Tricia used a variety of skills to tune into me, including the most incredible meditation along with her other gifts.
It was the most amazing experience.  I have already recommended her to 3 of my closest friends.

Call her today… peace of mind and hope awaits!

Beyond Grateful, Dee

FaceTime Reading - Comfort, guidance & trust - Nov 2020