Humble, gifted, accurate & uplifting – June 2020

I first met Tricia at a church garden party over 20 years ago.  She predicted that there would be a proposal of marriage , a new job and a house move – none of which was on the horizon at the time.  During the months that follwoed, everything came true – it was incredible!

I have seen a few clairvoyants over the years but Tricia is by far the most genuine.  She is a truly gifted and talented lady, yet so humble.

After reading with Tricia, I feel extremely uplifted and ready to face the world!

I had another amazing reading with Tricia in 2019 which I recorded.  She was able to give names, dates and many others things that are personal to me.  There were a number of predictions too.  I have played this back regularly and still find it hard to believe that a year on, everything has fallen into place.

I cannot recommend Tricia enough, whether you are looking for a card reading, clairvoyant, healing or guidance.  She is really devoted to helping others.

Danielle, June 2020

Humble, gifted, accurate & uplifting - June 2020