Lorraine, Newbury 2017

Dear Tricia
I just wanted to write to you to thank you for my recent reading and to tell you what happened after my reading.  I visited you and during my reading you were asking me about some people called Michael and David.  I couldn’t really place these to anyone in particular as I knew a few David’ and a few Michael’s.  Anyway to cut a very long story short about 6 months after my reading a man from the Southampton area made contact with my frail aunt who was my mother’s twin sister.  He was looking for his mother – my mother!  This man was her illegitimate child.  I questioned my aunt about this and she did not want to speak about it but informed me that all she knew was that her sister had gone away for a while when they were young.
My Mother had given her son to an orphanage in Basingstoke and had named him Michael.  This small baby was very quickly fostered and then adopted by a lady who had 3 other adopted children, Michael had to have his name changed as she already had a Michael – so yes you have got it his name was changed to David!
This information was a huge shock as nobody in our family knew this and my Mother had never told anyone.  Both my parents have passed so we never got to the bottom of what had happened.
I wanted to write this and thank you for your spiritual support and to let you know that all of my readings with you have been amazing.
Lorraine, Newbury 2017