The real deal! A beacon of light – June 2020

As an actress and writer for over 20 years, I’ve grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of my industry. But even though I’ve developed somewhat of a thick skin (a must for any artist); from time to time it’s also been a little emotionally difficult. It has sometimes been an uncertain life and in my darkest of days, Tricia has been a beacon of light for me. She’s validated a lot of healing for me, helped me avoid pitfalls and assisted me with gaining abundance and clarity. If I’m worried about the next job, next career move, healing, or any of life’s curveballs…I make a beeline for Tricia.

The wonder at her abilities have a tendency to smack you, head-on, when her predictions occur…..days, months, even a year later! Always spot-on, full of joy and straightforward wisdom, I always leave the session feeling upbeat and calm. A therapy/healing/psychic session all wrapped up in one! Tricia……she’s the real deal!!! ~

UK actress

The real deal! A beacon of light - June 2020