Jenny Uncannily accurate

Twenty years ago, I met Tricia for the first time and she stated very clearly that I would write a book when I was 55 and that it would be a great success. At the time, writing a book was not even on my radar, I was a Travel Buyer in a corporate business and writing had never been something I thought of doing and in fact when she said this I thought I had more chance of flying to the moon…but here I am now aged 58, I find myself having self published a cookbook which has just won “Best in World Cookbook 2017” by the Gourmand World Cookbook Society and being really honest with you, it only occurred to me that Tricia’s reading rang true two years ago, when I had just published my book and yes, I was 55 when I finished writing my book.
Jenny Mallin (Author of “A Grandmother’s Legacy” and winner of “Best in World Cookbook 2017)

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