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I was introduced to Tricia about 2 or 3 years ago, by a friend. At my reading, Tricia told me things I thought would not ever possibly happen!!! To name a couple, she said I would have a career change and have a little boy. I believed that would NEVER happen, and here I am in a new job and pregnant with a little boy. Who would have guessed it!


I recently came up against some difficult times in my life. I decided to get back into contact with Tricia, due to Covid-19 restrictions we did the reading over FaceTime, and I was not disappointed. It was precisely the same as my reading face to face; I could feel the energy just as if I was sitting with her in person, which was even more reassuring of energy power.


Thank you, Tricia, for all your help and giving me clarity. I look forward to working with you further.


Martine – March 2021

Clarity, energy, reassuring!

I have been to see Tricia twice, both times she exceeded my expectations. She is a truly gifted person, not just spiritually but in her compassion and practical wisdom.  She surfaces tremendous detailed informative messages which she accurately channels. I can work with her advice, guidance, and positivity to bring not only changes to my life but awareness and optimism in times to come. The future is bright.


‘In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. My good comes from everywhere and everyone. All is well in my world’ – Louise L Hay


Thanks Tricia – hope to see you soon.


Sarah – March 2021

Gifted, tremendous detail, positivity!

I had my first reading by Tricia 3 years ago when I was totally heart broken. She immediately picked up that darkness and gave me clearance and healing.

Tricia is a unique, direct, genuine, warm, and compassionate person. Her reading was accurate and comprehensive. I recorded the reading. I kept listening to it whenever I felt sad and down, her voice gave me some hope.

I also attended one of Tricia’s Angel Workshops about 2 years ago. She gathered beautiful participants and we all enjoyed the day.

I recently had another reading and workshop with her. After 2 years, I was so excited to see her.

Tricia is a beautiful person. She is very compassionate. She gives all her energy and ability into the reading. She is not an ordinary clairvoyant who does this merely for business and forgets about her clients; she remembers her clients and she really cares about them. Tricia is an incredibly special person to me.

Coco, U.K. – March 2021

Unique, accurate, comprehensive!

When I first met Tricia in Jan 2020, I was feeling incredibly alone and devastated from the break-up of a relationship and I was struggling to ever see a way forward past the pain. Tricia not only gave me hope for the future, but she gave me the tools to navigate the path to get me back to the land of the living! She gave me a piece of rose quartz to help my heart heal and I carried it with me in my pocket every day, until one day it disappeared, I think a sign I did not need it anymore!


I listened back to the recording every couple of months, and it always made me smile, the way she spoke about me is as if she had known me all my life. A year on, many things from my reading have rung true, and I am certain that because of Tricia I am now living a wonderful life, full of hope and excitement for the future.


I had my second reading a few days ago and it was just as wonderful! Again, I left feeling excited for new adventures and opportunities, and I will continue to see Tricia for a reading every New Year. I am profoundly grateful to Tricia and I would not be the strong and confident Capricorn I am today without her!


Hannah – February 2021

Wonderful, full of hope, grateful!

Tricia is amazing. She is kind, gentle and nurturing and talked me through my reading from start to finish. Her reading was so detailed, insightful, and spot on. She also did a 1:1 Chakra Workshop. Tricia produced and gave me my workshop materials before the day. The course was so interesting and involved meditation, chakra healing, prayers, as well as shamanic healing which has left me feeling more empowered. I would not hesitate to recommend Tricia; she is so caring and supportive. I feel blessed to have had a reading and healing with her.

Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                    Lucy – February 2021

Amazing, insightful, healing!

I am so grateful to of had the opportunity to receive a Reading by Tricia, she is a gifted person who is kind and helpful. The experience was amazing, not rushed and very deep. We discussed all areas of my life with a balanced view to help me in the future. I had also received a meditation of healing which was so calming and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend Tricia for a Reading to bless you and help your life further.
Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                          Kamal – February 2021

Calming, gifted and amazing!

“I had my first reading with Tricia in 2016. I had been recommended to use her by a friend. I was not disappointed and so glad I had been blessed to have had that reading. At that point in time for my youngest son and I were going through hell. He was suffering with depression and addiction and I could not see a way forward. My reading was totally on point. Tricia was able to give me clarity, peace of mind and a step-by-step map and times that events would unfold and where the awful journey would end. Everything lined up exactly as I was told, with the result being my son turning into a happy, clean young man that is doing brilliantly. I recommended my friends to Tricia also and they too have had brilliant readings.  

I went on to do a group meditation and chakra course which was beyond amazing and really helped with my own spiritual journey. I had another reading with Tricia February 2021, which once again was totally brilliant for me. This then led to me doing my one-to-one angel course which I recently completed on FaceTime (February 2021) with Tricia as my guide. I just cannot say how utterly mind blowing this turned out to be for me. Through Tricia’s amazing ability I was guided to meet my guardian angel and my angel’s name.

When I met my guardian angel and she enfolded me in her wings I have never felt such an emotional, uplifting, surreal feeling which made me cry out of pure love. I cannot say enough how lucky I was to feel totally empowered and connected to the spiritual plane. None of this would have been possible without Tricia’s expert guidance and love for her craft.

I am truly grateful for having Tricia as my guide and mentor on this overwhelming journey. I would truly recommend anyone who is looking for enlightenment and spiritual growth to take advantage of Tricia’s beautiful teachings. You will not find a more genuine, enlightening teacher and guide. I just cannot wait for my next course with Tricia which is not far away.

Thank you so much I know I am truly blessed by our connection”.                                                                              Jill Purnell – February 2021


Brilliant readings - uplifting, expert guidance, peace of mind!

Never in modern times has society felt more disconnected – and I for one have been no exception.
I heard about Tricia through a very dear friend, who had found great comfort and inspiration from her readings.  Realising I was at a cross roads and my own life, and unusually for me feeling insecure about my own intuition, I decided it was time to seek guidance.
Due to social distancing restrictions – Thankfully, Tricia was able to see me over FaceTime.
I had wondered how this would impact the intimacy of my reading, and the information that she would be able to attain.
Tricia made me feel comfortable from the moment she was on FaceTime.  She quickly tuned into my personality, challenges – both past and present… and provided me with such insight, inspiration and hope.
Tricia used a variety of skills to tune into me, including the most incredible meditation along with her other gifts.
It was the most amazing experience.  I have already recommended her to 3 of my closest friends.

Call her today… peace of mind and hope awaits!

Beyond Grateful, Dee

FaceTime Reading - Comfort, guidance & trust - Nov 2020

I first met Tricia 9 years ago when I was at a cross roads, i had a reading which was very accurate and held a lot of information from the past, present and the future.  Recently, I have started to undergo a huge spiritual journey and I am seeking further guidance, so I came back to Tricia for a reading and Angel Workshop.

Both of them done remotely via video call – it didn’t stop the connection between us.

I received full course details, worksheets and prayers in advance of the course.  During the course I was able to connect with my Angels and have been given the tools and prayers in order to further develop my connection.

Thank you so much Tricia, I cannot wait to do more courses and learn more from you so I can develop my intuition and ability to connect with the spiritual realm.

I am so grateful I have you on this journey with me.


Developed my spiritual journey & Angel Workshop - Nov 2020

I found Tricia online purely by chance and decided to giev it a try.  We did the reading and healing over FaceTime (Pandemic restrictions being what they are) she picked up my greatest fears, she knews the names if my deceased Uncle and the perfume my Mother wears.  Tricia performed Shamanic healing and even though it was remote, I felt lighter afterwards and free of the negativity that shrouded me.

All week I’ve felt like a weight has been lifted and begun to appraoch my relationships differently.  Tricia is a gifted, kind and perceptive clairvoyant and healer.

Tricia is authentic and I would 100% recommend her.


Penelope – October 2020

Healing & Positivity - October 2020

I first met Tricia through a friend who had been seeing Tricia for over 20 years , and had found that as her life unravelled, Tricias clairvoyant capabilities were  very accurate.

I was introduced to Tricia over 3 years ago, and I have had regular readings, healing sessions, and workshops. All of which have been respectively very accurate to date, therapeutic and enlightening.

Tricia has been a good friend in the 3 years I have known her. She prayed and did meditations when my father was very ill in critical care, and taught me to believe in my own healing powers and the strength of my own prayers, and the necessity to thank the universe for all life’s gifts.

Tricia has started me on a spiritual journey which can only add to your life.

Thank you Tricia.

Sheila, London

Accurate, healing and self-belief - July 2020

I first met Tricia at a church garden party over 20 years ago.  She predicted that there would be a proposal of marriage , a new job and a house move – none of which was on the horizon at the time.  During the months that follwoed, everything came true – it was incredible!

I have seen a few clairvoyants over the years but Tricia is by far the most genuine.  She is a truly gifted and talented lady, yet so humble.

After reading with Tricia, I feel extremely uplifted and ready to face the world!

I had another amazing reading with Tricia in 2019 which I recorded.  She was able to give names, dates and many others things that are personal to me.  There were a number of predictions too.  I have played this back regularly and still find it hard to believe that a year on, everything has fallen into place.

I cannot recommend Tricia enough, whether you are looking for a card reading, clairvoyant, healing or guidance.  She is really devoted to helping others.

Danielle, June 2020

Humble, gifted, accurate & uplifting - June 2020

As an actress and writer for over 20 years, I’ve grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of my industry. But even though I’ve developed somewhat of a thick skin (a must for any artist); from time to time it’s also been a little emotionally difficult. It has sometimes been an uncertain life and in my darkest of days, Tricia has been a beacon of light for me. She’s validated a lot of healing for me, helped me avoid pitfalls and assisted me with gaining abundance and clarity. If I’m worried about the next job, next career move, healing, or any of life’s curveballs…I make a beeline for Tricia.

The wonder at her abilities have a tendency to smack you, head-on, when her predictions occur…..days, months, even a year later! Always spot-on, full of joy and straightforward wisdom, I always leave the session feeling upbeat and calm. A therapy/healing/psychic session all wrapped up in one! Tricia……she’s the real deal!!! ~

UK actress

The real deal! A beacon of light - June 2020

I am more than happy to recommend Tricia  to anyone looking for an accurate psychic reading.  I found her to be not only a very talented and accurate psychic but a warm compassionate person who cares about her clients.

Thank you so much

Gareth, Farnham

Accurate, talented, compassionate - June 2020

“Tricia always makes me feel at ease and is extremely caring. I find her sessions very relaxing”

Thank you! 

Steve  – June 2020

Extremely caring... June 2020

Trish is a wonderful insightful and beautiful soul. She has the angels around her and channels her energy whilst reading the cards and it is an amazing experience. The guidance and support she has given me over the year has been a path that has helped me navigate my life and bring me back to earth when I have wandered off into the darkness. She shares such a positivity and light that reflects back and I adore her work she is a very special person if you need any help with your life go and see her – healer, connecter and devoted to helping others, take the opportunity to help steer your ship and be blessed.

Kirsten, April 2019

Tricia is incredibly talented, warm, funny & truly genuine. I have had a couple of readings with her & both have been amazingly accurate & completely insightful.

She delivers her messages & guidance with absolute love, honesty & you leave her feeling healed, hopeful & excited for the future. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an angel!

Janine, April 2019

I absolutely love booking in to see Tricia. I was new to readings of any kind, so I was a bit nervous at first. As soon as you meet her she puts you at ease and I always look forward to spending time with her. I love how down to earth she is and how you settle in instantly with her. It is brilliant that she records her readings so you can refer back to the many things she touches on during the session. She never overcharges although you cannot put a price on receiving guidance and care from this wonderful woman.

The way she works is brilliant and in such a relaxed comforting environment. Tricia is incredibly gifted and I always know after I have seen her, I’ll be in contact shortly after confirming things that she has told me. I recommend her to everyone and I am so thankful for having her in my life.

Tricia also runs meditation and shamanic workshops – I live far from where Tricia is based but I will always travel to join them when I can. They are informative and the people that she attracts to these events are all like-minded and welcoming. They are fantastic value for money and you always leave feeling positively affected by the work achieved in the sessions.
I am really excited about any new workshops and to receive training from Tricia in the areas of intuition.

Hannah, April 2019

Tricia is a beautiful lady both inside and out. My reading with her was honest and true, I felt at ease and safe. I was privileged to attend one of her workshops. The day was filled with peace, an insight to the power of the mind. The group was an eclectic mix who equally benefited. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tricia, she is an inspiration.

Terri, March 2019

I would like to thank you Tricia for your wonderful reading last year!! You raised points about a holiday to America, a new baby arriving in the family, you picked up on my mum and her initials and also about my brother, all of which have come true!! I would recommend anyone needing some help and advice to reach out to Tricia, her calming influence, professional manner, her sympathetic persona , her accuracy, all make for a wonderful reading and worth going to see her!!! I do have other things she has told me but those are personal so I won’t share those but safe to say she has been 100% accurate I can’t rate her high enough, from a very satisfied client.

Vanessa, March 2019

One of the best Clairvoyant’s I have been too! I had a face to face reading with Tricia and I got so much from it and more. She picked up on things that others didn’t even touch on! She has a warm caring spirit and puts her clients first. She is an incredible down to earth lady. Highly recommend her.

Tricia also does fantastic workshops and I not only found it beneficial and helpful, but it has helped me in my spiritual journey and I found her workshops to be inspirational and I always leave feeling uplifted. I have met some wonderful people. Her immense guidance has put me in good stead.

Dina, March 2019

I have seen many Clairvoyant’s in the last 20+ years, but Tricia really is a special and gifted lady with a huge heart.

From the moment I arrived, I was made so welcome and relaxed.

She went above and beyond with my reading. Her advice and accuracy were on point. Enabling me to focus on the positive and have closure on the negative.
Tricia’s honesty has helped me these past few months, mentally and physically, and for that I can’t thank her enough. She is an angel sent from god. If there was a 10 out of 10 I’d give a 50!

Lisa, Jan 2019

My family and I found a dilapated old house full of history and despite a major refurbishment, the house strangely felt cold and energetically uninviting.

I called on the skills of Tricia to cleanse and re energise every part of the building and within a couple of hours, it literally felt like a different house. I can only describe it being like going from Black and White TV to full HD colour! Our house now feels like a home.

Louise M, Surrey, March 2018

Quite simply the best!

I have had many psychic readings over the last 25 years and Tricia gives by far the most accurate and insightful readings.

Her appointments cover the breadth of career, family, relationships, health and spiritual aspects and do so with great accuracy.  All are delivered with refreshing honesty, an absence of fluff, and most of all with genuine love.

Richard, Devon England November 2017

Have been coming for readings with Tricia for nearly 20 years.  They have always been so positive and accurate, she is such a lovely and warm person.  Tarot has always interested me and when Tricia mentioned that she would be running a tarot course I jumped at the chance.  I’ve wanted to learn for such a long time but needed a teacher that I could trust, Tricia has always been my go to.

The course was spread over 3 days with an additional day booked for January 2018.  We covered so much material and discussed nearly every element, as some of the information relayed was personal to ourselves.   There were 2 of us on the course, so it made it much more intense but highly enjoyable.  By the end of day one we were doing a spread and by the end of day 3 we were able to read a spread with such confidence.

I cannot recommend the course enough.  Tricia was the perfect host, we were so looked after with drinks and food, which was absolutely lovely. Not only was it a course it was a wonderful weekend spent with lovely people and as for’ value for money’, it was worth every penny.  Will be practicing from now until January as I feel so inspired.  Thank you lovely Tricia.

Suzanne Audus, November 2017