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I am more than happy to recommend Tricia  to anyone looking for an accurate psychic reading.  I found her to be not only a very talented and accurate psychic but a warm compassionate person who cares about her clients.

Thank you so much

Gareth, Farnham

Accurate, talented, compassionate - June 2020

“Tricia always makes me feel at ease and is extremely caring. I find her sessions very relaxing”

Thank you! 

Steve  – June 2020

Extremely caring... June 2020

Trish is a wonderful insightful and beautiful soul. She has the angels around her and channels her energy whilst reading the cards and it is an amazing experience. The guidance and support she has given me over the year has been a path that has helped me navigate my life and bring me back to earth when I have wandered off into the darkness. She shares such a positivity and light that reflects back and I adore her work she is a very special person if you need any help with your life go and see her – healer, connecter and devoted to helping others, take the opportunity to help steer your ship and be blessed.

Kirsten, April 2019

Tricia is incredibly talented, warm, funny & truly genuine. I have had a couple of readings with her & both have been amazingly accurate & completely insightful.

She delivers her messages & guidance with absolute love, honesty & you leave her feeling healed, hopeful & excited for the future. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an angel!

Janine, April 2019

I absolutely love booking in to see Tricia. I was new to readings of any kind, so I was a bit nervous at first. As soon as you meet her she puts you at ease and I always look forward to spending time with her. I love how down to earth she is and how you settle in instantly with her. It is brilliant that she records her readings so you can refer back to the many things she touches on during the session. She never overcharges although you cannot put a price on receiving guidance and care from this wonderful woman.

The way she works is brilliant and in such a relaxed comforting environment. Tricia is incredibly gifted and I always know after I have seen her, I’ll be in contact shortly after confirming things that she has told me. I recommend her to everyone and I am so thankful for having her in my life.

Tricia also runs meditation and shamanic workshops – I live far from where Tricia is based but I will always travel to join them when I can. They are informative and the people that she attracts to these events are all like-minded and welcoming. They are fantastic value for money and you always leave feeling positively affected by the work achieved in the sessions.
I am really excited about any new workshops and to receive training from Tricia in the areas of intuition.

Hannah, April 2019

Tricia is a beautiful lady both inside and out. My reading with her was honest and true, I felt at ease and safe. I was privileged to attend one of her workshops. The day was filled with peace, an insight to the power of the mind. The group was an eclectic mix who equally benefited. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tricia, she is an inspiration.

Terri, March 2019

I would like to thank you Tricia for your wonderful reading last year!! You raised points about a holiday to America, a new baby arriving in the family, you picked up on my mum and her initials and also about my brother, all of which have come true!! I would recommend anyone needing some help and advice to reach out to Tricia, her calming influence, professional manner, her sympathetic persona , her accuracy, all make for a wonderful reading and worth going to see her!!! I do have other things she has told me but those are personal so I won’t share those but safe to say she has been 100% accurate I can’t rate her high enough, from a very satisfied client.

Vanessa, March 2019

One of the best Clairvoyant’s I have been too! I had a face to face reading with Tricia and I got so much from it and more. She picked up on things that others didn’t even touch on! She has a warm caring spirit and puts her clients first. She is an incredible down to earth lady. Highly recommend her.

Tricia also does fantastic workshops and I not only found it beneficial and helpful, but it has helped me in my spiritual journey and I found her workshops to be inspirational and I always leave feeling uplifted. I have met some wonderful people. Her immense guidance has put me in good stead.

Dina, March 2019

I have seen many Clairvoyant’s in the last 20+ years, but Tricia really is a special and gifted lady with a huge heart.

From the moment I arrived, I was made so welcome and relaxed.

She went above and beyond with my reading. Her advice and accuracy were on point. Enabling me to focus on the positive and have closure on the negative.
Tricia’s honesty has helped me these past few months, mentally and physically, and for that I can’t thank her enough. She is an angel sent from god. If there was a 10 out of 10 I’d give a 50!

Lisa, Jan 2019

My family and I found a dilapated old house full of history and despite a major refurbishment, the house strangely felt cold and energetically uninviting.

I called on the skills of Tricia to cleanse and re energise every part of the building and within a couple of hours, it literally felt like a different house. I can only describe it being like going from Black and White TV to full HD colour! Our house now feels like a home.

Louise M, Surrey, March 2018

Quite simply the best!

I have had many psychic readings over the last 25 years and Tricia gives by far the most accurate and insightful readings.

Her appointments cover the breadth of career, family, relationships, health and spiritual aspects and do so with great accuracy.  All are delivered with refreshing honesty, an absence of fluff, and most of all with genuine love.

Richard, Devon England November 2017

Have been coming for readings with Tricia for nearly 20 years.  They have always been so positive and accurate, she is such a lovely and warm person.  Tarot has always interested me and when Tricia mentioned that she would be running a tarot course I jumped at the chance.  I’ve wanted to learn for such a long time but needed a teacher that I could trust, Tricia has always been my go to.

The course was spread over 3 days with an additional day booked for January 2018.  We covered so much material and discussed nearly every element, as some of the information relayed was personal to ourselves.   There were 2 of us on the course, so it made it much more intense but highly enjoyable.  By the end of day one we were doing a spread and by the end of day 3 we were able to read a spread with such confidence.

I cannot recommend the course enough.  Tricia was the perfect host, we were so looked after with drinks and food, which was absolutely lovely. Not only was it a course it was a wonderful weekend spent with lovely people and as for’ value for money’, it was worth every penny.  Will be practicing from now until January as I feel so inspired.  Thank you lovely Tricia.

Suzanne Audus, November 2017

Tricia is such a friendly and genuine person, I feel so fortunate that she was recommended to me in 2011. She has helped me with guidance, nurturing and extremely accurate readings and helped with my grieving for my father who passed the same year I met Tricia. She gives you confidence when you aren’t sure you are on the right path, love when you are at your lowest and excitement and knowledge about what your future holds. I often read back my notes from each of my readings and smile when something now makes sense or has happened.

Tricia gave me strength to follow my gut instinct and leave a toxic relationship, comfort when she connected me to my father which helped my grieving, courage when I set up my business and she told me it would do well, faith that things would get better in a few years, excitement when she told me I would meet someone from overseas in August 2014. I am now happily married to my husband from Brazil!

Most of all she encouraged me to self love and I am now happier than ever. I live in Australia but each trip back to England I always book in for a session with Tricia. She is just wonderful, warm and delightful and changes your life for the better. Thank you for everything Tricia.

Soo Lynn Brisbane, Australia Oct 2017

My lovely friend took me to see Tricia in the Summer this year and from that day my life has completely changed. Tricia was extremely kind and protective and this allowed me to release some of the locked up frustration and sadness that had built up for many years. I was at first apprehensive, but after introducing ourselves I felt completely safe and looked after. Tricia’s healing was incredible, an experience I will treasure to my heart. From that day, little did I know, that my life would change so much for the better.  Each day became a happy one, I managed to evade negatives and my positivity has been growing ever since. I have completely gone through the whole of the downstairs in our house and cleared out tonnes of paper and 20 years of stuff! I have managed to drop things that effect me personally and have managed to stop carrying other people’s worries and anger, but instead return with a balanced point of view. My creativity is starting to come back again, it has been on hold for a while now. Every day is special, the past is gone and now I can grow again.Thank you dear lovely Tricia from the bottom of my heart for making this happen, you are extremely special and I have been so fortunate to have met you.

Sky Surrey August 2017

I first visited Tricia for a reading and chakara clearing in June after attending a workshop she had taken. I left nearly two hours later, with a head full of predictions for my future and a very accurate analysation of my personality not to mention feeling like the lead weight in my stomach had been dissolved. Little did I think two months later some of her predictions would be happening. Tricia told me that by August a powerful love would come into my life – the end of July I met someone completely out of the blue and we have both become instantly smitten with each. She also predicted I would be putting down roots in Spain – and low & behold the new man is Spanish.

Rachel Surrey Sept 2017

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Tricia earlier in 2017. I was at a low point and could not see the wood for the trees. Tricia’s reading gave me hope but her empathy, innate goodness and kindness were what resonated with me. Her healing powers, and simply being with her, put me back on the right path.
I feel confident to turn to Tricia when I need healing and support. I would and do recommend her to many.

Beth Dorset Sept 2017

Dear Tricia
I just wanted to write to you to thank you for my recent reading and to tell you what happened after my reading.  I visited you and during my reading you were asking me about some people called Michael and David.  I couldn’t really place these to anyone in particular as I knew a few David’ and a few Michael’s.  Anyway to cut a very long story short about 6 months after my reading a man from the Southampton area made contact with my frail aunt who was my mother’s twin sister.  He was looking for his mother – my mother!  This man was her illegitimate child.  I questioned my aunt about this and she did not want to speak about it but informed me that all she knew was that her sister had gone away for a while when they were young.
My Mother had given her son to an orphanage in Basingstoke and had named him Michael.  This small baby was very quickly fostered and then adopted by a lady who had 3 other adopted children, Michael had to have his name changed as she already had a Michael – so yes you have got it his name was changed to David!
This information was a huge shock as nobody in our family knew this and my Mother had never told anyone.  Both my parents have passed so we never got to the bottom of what had happened.
I wanted to write this and thank you for your spiritual support and to let you know that all of my readings with you have been amazing.

Lorraine, Newbury 2017

Twenty years ago, I met Tricia for the first time and she stated very clearly that I would write a book when I was 55 and that it would be a great success. At the time, writing a book was not even on my radar, I was a Travel Buyer in a corporate business and writing had never been something I thought of doing and in fact when she said this I thought I had more chance of flying to the moon…but here I am now aged 58, I find myself having self published a cookbook which has just won “Best in World Cookbook 2017” by the Gourmand World Cookbook Society and being really honest with you, it only occurred to me that Tricia’s reading rang true two years ago, when I had just published my book and yes, I was 55 when I finished writing my book.
Jenny Mallin (Author of “A Grandmother’s Legacy” and winner of “Best in World Cookbook 2017)

Jenny 2017

Tricia is such a gifted medium, I have known her for twenty years and her readings are always enlightening and true. She has helped family and friends too when they have been seeking answers or encouragement. Tricia works from the heart and has continually studied to improve and develop her spiritual and psychic skills since 1975. Her warmth and caring personality will give you reassurance as soon as you meet her. Brilliant and inspiring.


I have been having readings with Trisha now for 15 years, at the very first meeting all those years ago, Trisha blow me away with her accuracy! Knowing nothing about me except my Christian name, the facts about my life, many of which no-one would ever had known, came up, and the future events all came to pass with complete accuracy. I have to say that I can’t always see these things ever happening but they do! I really didn’t believe I would re- marry , and especially didn’t believe I would be lucky enough to meet someone who would take me to London and have my engagement and wedding rings made just for me………but all of this Trish told me would happen and it did. When I played my tape of 2 years previous to my new husband, he was blown away too, as I had not mentioned a word of this to him before. In the following years Trisha has always astounded me. I have visited her in good times and bad times over the years and Trish has always inspired me and without exception her predictions have unfolded. She is truly amazing and I would never put my trust and believe in another. Several of my friends also have readings with Trisha now and like myself are blown away by her accuracy. She is a wonderful person who puts you at your ease and can really help you through difficult times as well as good times. A true inspiration , and in the words of Trisha herself, “Love and Rainbows”

Brenda Blown awayBrenda

Meeting with Tricia is more than just getting a reading about the future – it is a healing and cleansing experience which can be life changing. I have known Tricia for 10 years, and each time I visit her, I am amazed how she can articulate exactly what I am feeling inside but more than that, she gives me the spiritual awakening and insight to help me move forward. Tricia gives selflessly from the heart to all clients, as she genuinely empathizes with you. Her energy and natural love for every being truly makes you want to be in her presence all the time.


I first went to see Tricia with a good friend about ten years ago. I was a bit hesitant about seeing a clairvoyant but my girlfriend convinced me to join her and decide whilst there whether I would like to do a reading. My reluctance stemmed from a Christian upbringing and a Christian mind-set; my pastor always preached against tarot cards and fortune tellers as being a route the devil used to enter one’s life and as “playing with the devil”. Having decided to try a reading, before Trish entered the room, I said a silent prayer to God to ask him to send his angels to protect me and to be with me during the reading. When Trish sat down on the sofa facing me, the first thing she said was that she could see that I “had angels surrounding me” and that it was “a very beautiful sight”. Needless to say, I was amazed and also quite touched that she had tapped into this, and also that my prayer had in fact been answered – it was a very special and moving moment for both of us. I have seen Trish since, this experience has shown me that she is in fact legitimate and credible and she is in touch with another frequency albeit one that I do not understand that it is not at odds with my Christianity or spirituality.

Trish is a loving, caring, kind-hearted woman who is a pleasure to know and to sit with on any account and I feel privileged to know her. She wouldn’t want me to say but in a time of need, she has felt and shared my pain and cried with me and then on the other hand also rejoiced with me, and I always feel better after spending time with Trish after a reading and I always look forward to seeing her. Many things have transpired or happened in the past as Trish has said they would or had, honestly an awful lot of insights that could not be coincidence and she has also looked deep within my soul to bring to light any issues or traits in my personality I am hiding or are underneath the surface in an amazingly accurate and insightful manner that I feel is useful for me to consider and think on in my everyday life. For anyone who is thinking of seeing Trish for a reading, I would recommend her whole-heartedly.


I met Tricia a few years ago, and it was an instant fit. Tricia was able to tap into details about my past and family that no one would have known, like when she spoke to my grandmother who had just passed and found out information only me and my mother new. At that moment I knew that Tricia is authentic and has an incredible gift. Tricia offers detailed insights into the future and I have been able to look back at readings and see how things have actually come about in my life – which is mind blowing. I have truly found someone special! You must go – it will change your life!


Met Tricia at a Church garden party many years ago and had a reading which staggered me – as if I had known her all my life. Since then I have visited her every year and she has given me such hope and enlightenment. Tricia is a very spiritually gifted medium and friend, her readings have come true with remarkable accuracy. I would recommend her to people of all ages – I am now in my late 70s and have found the happiness she promised would come to me.