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I have been having readings with Trisha now for 15 years, at the very first meeting all those years ago, Trisha blow me away with her accuracy! Knowing nothing about me except my Christian name, the facts about my life, many of which no-one would ever had known, came up, and the future events all came to pass with complete accuracy. I have to say that I can’t always see these things ever happening but they do! I really didn’t believe I would re- marry , and especially didn’t believe I would be lucky enough to meet someone who would take me to London and have my engagement and wedding rings made just for me………but all of this Trish told me would happen and it did. When I played my tape of 2 years previous to my new husband, he was blown away too, as I had not mentioned a word of this to him before. In the following years Trisha has always astounded me. I have visited her in good times and bad times over the years and Trish has always inspired me and without exception her predictions have unfolded. She is truly amazing and I would never put my trust and believe in another. Several of my friends also have readings with Trisha now and like myself are blown away by her accuracy. She is a wonderful person who puts you at your ease and can really help you through difficult times as well as good times. A true inspiration , and in the words of Trisha herself, “Love and Rainbows”

Brenda Blown awayBrenda

Meeting with Tricia is more than just getting a reading about the future – it is a healing and cleansing experience which can be life changing. I have known Tricia for 10 years, and each time I visit her, I am amazed how she can articulate exactly what I am feeling inside but more than that, she gives me the spiritual awakening and insight to help me move forward. Tricia gives selflessly from the heart to all clients, as she genuinely empathizes with you. Her energy and natural love for every being truly makes you want to be in her presence all the time.


I first went to see Tricia with a good friend about ten years ago. I was a bit hesitant about seeing a clairvoyant but my girlfriend convinced me to join her and decide whilst there whether I would like to do a reading. My reluctance stemmed from a Christian upbringing and a Christian mind-set; my pastor always preached against tarot cards and fortune tellers as being a route the devil used to enter one’s life and as “playing with the devil”. Having decided to try a reading, before Trish entered the room, I said a silent prayer to God to ask him to send his angels to protect me and to be with me during the reading. When Trish sat down on the sofa facing me, the first thing she said was that she could see that I “had angels surrounding me” and that it was “a very beautiful sight”. Needless to say, I was amazed and also quite touched that she had tapped into this, and also that my prayer had in fact been answered – it was a very special and moving moment for both of us. I have seen Trish since, this experience has shown me that she is in fact legitimate and credible and she is in touch with another frequency albeit one that I do not understand that it is not at odds with my Christianity or spirituality.

Trish is a loving, caring, kind-hearted woman who is a pleasure to know and to sit with on any account and I feel privileged to know her. She wouldn’t want me to say but in a time of need, she has felt and shared my pain and cried with me and then on the other hand also rejoiced with me, and I always feel better after spending time with Trish after a reading and I always look forward to seeing her. Many things have transpired or happened in the past as Trish has said they would or had, honestly an awful lot of insights that could not be coincidence and she has also looked deep within my soul to bring to light any issues or traits in my personality I am hiding or are underneath the surface in an amazingly accurate and insightful manner that I feel is useful for me to consider and think on in my everyday life. For anyone who is thinking of seeing Trish for a reading, I would recommend her whole-heartedly.


I met Tricia a few years ago, and it was an instant fit. Tricia was able to tap into details about my past and family that no one would have known, like when she spoke to my grandmother who had just passed and found out information only me and my mother new. At that moment I knew that Tricia is authentic and has an incredible gift. Tricia offers detailed insights into the future and I have been able to look back at readings and see how things have actually come about in my life – which is mind blowing. I have truly found someone special! You must go – it will change your life!


Met Tricia at a Church garden party many years ago and had a reading which staggered me – as if I had known her all my life. Since then I have visited her every year and she has given me such hope and enlightenment. Tricia is a very spiritually gifted medium and friend, her readings have come true with remarkable accuracy. I would recommend her to people of all ages – I am now in my late 70s and have found the happiness she promised would come to me.